• A health club should have atleast 40% of its member-base participate in personal training programs!
  • A health club can increase the per member revenue to well over $250 per person with personal training
  • A health club is positioned to drive 80%+ of its "new" members to personal training!
  • A health club's 40-50% retention rate can increase to 70-90% with effective personal training!
  • Outsourced personal training typically make 50-150% more in profit than you'll receive in rent, in your own club!
  • R2 Management Group implements programming that produces 60%+ profit margins!

Karen Jordan

Workout Anytime Franchising - VP Operations

It has truly been a pleasure working with R2 Management Group. The support and communication they provide is vital to keep our organization successful. They have the solutions that keep our club owners in control of their personal training programs without becoming overwhelmed. R2 Management Group offers various management options to meet each clubs individual needs. They provide as much or as little help as we need. I highly recommend anyone searching for an answer to managing their personal training program to use R2 Management Group.

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